Ashley from NY on Working Smart, Not Hard

Ashley from NY is a high school teacher who has taught in rural and urban districts with a passion for self-care and boundaries.

In this episode, Ashley shares what she has noticed are similar and different between rural and urban schools. We also talk about how we have both managed mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression in the classroom, and we both came to the conclusion that, sometimes, you just need a snack to get you through the day.

Ashley is incredibly passionate about working smart, not hard, and she emphasizes the importance of boundaries in the workplace. She shares some strategies she has used to help herself work sustainably in her six years of teaching, and how she models this behavior for her high school students as well.

And the best part - stay tuned to listen to Ashley’s cringe-worthy story about how she discovered the meaning of “netflix & chill”.

Music is "Waiting" by Crowander