Season 1 Finale - The First Year of Teaching

Can you believe it’s already the end of the first season? It’s been such a journey - I’ve learned so much, met some incredible people, and am so grateful for all of you who have supported me throughout this whole process. Thank you all - I truly appreciate you guys :)

For each season finale, instead of interviewing a single teacher one-on-one, I’ll be tackling some topics within education with multiple teachers. In the future, we might talk about mental health, school choice, the teacher strikes, and much much more. But for this episode, in honor of it being the first season of the show, I decided to talk to three teachers about their first year of teaching.

The first year of teaching is often the most overwhelming. You've got an empty classroom to decorate, routines to come up with, curriculum to create or learn, brand new kids to figure out - all while trying to learn how to teach in general. No amount of training or professional development could possibly prepare you for what will walk through those doors that first day of school, and most teachers I’ve spoken to have also described their first year as the toughest year.

In this episode, I sit down with three teachers - Rachel, Claire, and Shannon. They’ve all just completed their first year of teaching and are eager to reflect on what they’ve taken from the year. For all of them, there were many unexpected challenges, struggles with detaching from work, but most importantly, some incredibly joys that they experienced during their year.

This episode was so much fun to make, and here’s to many more. I’ll miss you guys during my break from podcasting, but I’m so excited for you to meet the next batch of teachers coming up in Season 2!

See you on the flip side, and happy new school year! :)

Music is "Waiting" by Crowander