Leanne Zizikos on the Slow Moments and Teachers Retreats

Leanne Zizikos is a relief teacher (substitute) in Australia. She is the founder of Teachers Retreats - her new business that allows teachers to take time away from their daily stresses to participate in a mindfulness-based self-care program. And the best part is...this all happens in Bali!

Imagine a quiet, peaceful beach, soaking in the sun after 10 months of fluorescent lights, and a community of educators who share your passion for both teaching and self-care. Sounds pretty idyllic, right?

In this episode, Leanne opens up about how she struggled within her teaching career and found some balance by becoming a substitute teacher. We share the small, slow moments of joy we missed during our teaching careers, little changes we’ve made to become more mindful, and our excitement for our next journeys.

Music is "Waiting" by Crowander

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