Steph Douglass on Breaking the Norm, Finding Joy, and Becoming Her Own Boss

Steph Douglass is a co-founder of Open House Austin, a real estate and event space on a mission to help women purchase their first home as a smart investment, not a liability.  She is an active real estate investor in Austin and San Antonio and has grown her property portfolio from 1 unit to 16 units since 2014, increasing her net worth x10. She is a former educator, a believer in genuine connection and an ambitious goal-setter. Her passion lies in being transparent along her investment journey and educating others on the technical side to real-estate investing as a young person.

Similar to Porsha, I had worked at the same school with Steph, but had never gotten the chance to know her. Turns out we had a lot to share with each other about joy, shedding guilt, and pursuing a lifestyle that fit both our needs and aspirations.

Music is "Waiting" by Crowander

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